We plan a wedding day



Wedding day is a special day in your life. It flies as one moment, and a huge number of events occur during it. How do you manage to do what you plan? The answer is simple - you need a full wedding timeline in advance.

Exciting morning

Before applying to the registry office, determine the time of painting or wedding timeline day of the retreat ceremony, it is necessary to carefully consider the entire next day. If possible, start the morning not too early and notice that on average it takes 3-4 hours to prepare the image of the bride and shoot the fees. Talk about the time of the start of shooting with the photographer so that he could:

  1. remove all important parts,
  2. took shots with parents,
  3. portraits while makeup is still fresh,
  4. and also found the training itself.

The stylized morning of the bride is very popular now: in a hotel, studio or outdoors. Here you can show fantasy and organize a day of wedding timeline morning party over a cup of tea with your girlfriends or conduct a boudoir shoot in beautiful lingerie. An interesting solution for couples who have long lived together will be joint fees for a romantic breakfast. How touching it is: the groom fastening the buttons on the bride's wedding dress, and the bride tying the butterfly to the groom.


When scheduling the wedding timeline checklist time on the road, you are advised to consider several important factors:

  • time of year - it can be problematic to start a car in the cold;
  • traffic jams are a common problem in big cities;
  • the quality of the road surface - the lack of a high-quality road can quite slow down traffic;
  • weather conditions are an important factor affecting driving speed;
  • seating guests by car.

Marriage registration

The timing of marriage registration depends on how the entire wedding timeline is planned. The optimal time is the middle of the day from 11 to 14 hours. The time for the ceremony can be divided into several stages:

  • the arrival of newlyweds and guests - 15-20 minutes before the start;
  • paperwork - 10-15 minutes;
  • solemn marriage ceremony - 15-20 minutes;
  • reception of congratulations - 10-30 minutes, depending on the number of guests.

The wedding timeline template must have 1.5-2.5 hours of walking. This is enough to take enough photos, but at the same time not to have time to get very tired. The photo shoot can be both before the painting and after. It is best to choose places for walking and photographing as close as possible to the registry office and to the restaurant in order to spend a minimum of time on the journey. You can also hold a wedding photo shoot not on the day of the wedding, but on the next.